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Trimble’s PurePixel solution available in Canada

Dec. 17, 2014 - Trimble's PurePixel Precision Vegetation Health solution is now available in Canada and Europe. Also, Trimble now provides PurePixel data for download using the common shapefile format, and it has added a chlorophyll index map - an improved technology for assessing raw image suitability that enables agronomists to eliminate poor quality images when assessing plant health.

PurePixel maps are an agronomic tool available through Trimble's Connected Farm solution that provides farmers and crop advisors with an assessment of a field's crop health or maturity level based on calibrated vegetation indices.

The PurePixel Chlorophyll Index map separates the different vegetation index contributors, enabling detection of chlorophyll information independent of other vegetative factors. This gives users the ability to assess crop variability and differences in maturity within and between fields. This information can lead to better harvest decisions and maximized profits by enabling the user to see which fields are most ready for harvest and which are not. For grain crops, this can minimize drying and storing costs because fields are not harvested too early. In addition, it can also help growers with harvest logistics since they know which fields are ready for harvesting.

PurePixel maps can also be downloaded in the common shapefile format, enabling users to access the PurePixel data in applications outside of Connected Farm, such as Farm Works Software or an alternative farm management software application.

The PurePixel solution can be purchased using the Connected Farm Web site at: or through a local Trimble reseller. For more information on PurePixel, visit:


December 17, 2014  By Top Crop Manager

PurePixel Solution now includes leaf chlorophyll concentration index to enable farmers to better determine crop maturity and harvest readiness.


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