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Future planningNewsBusiness & Policy

March 1, 2023
New, five-year CAP agreement reached between Canada and Ontario

Future planningNewsBusiness ManagementFertilizer

January 13, 2023
Genesis Fertilizers choose Saskatchewan for site of new plant

Future planningNews

December 5, 2022
Ontario unveils strategy to strengthen agri-food sector

Future planningNews

October 24, 2022
FCC: The future of Canada’s ag labour shortage

Future planningNew productsNews

September 1, 2022
Corteva Agriscience, BASF partner on soybean weed control solution

Future planningNews

August 18, 2022
Quebec groups offering ag training program and grants for farmers under 40

Future planningNews

July 29, 2022
Canada and Ontario invest in building provincial labour force

Future planningNewsBusiness & Policy

June 23, 2022
GoC announces interest relief program for ag producers

Future planningNewsBusiness & Policy

June 7, 2022
Members of Indigenous Agriculture Advisory Committee revealed

Future planningNewsAG WomenBusiness & PolicyFeatures

June 3, 2022
AAFC invests more than $700,000 to boost equity-seeking groups in agri-food

Future planningNewsBusiness & Policy

May 3, 2022
Federal, provincial, territorial ag ministers meet to discuss key areas of ag sector

Future planningNewsBusiness & Policy

March 21, 2022
Canada provides $66 million for Manitoba and Prairie farmers to adopt sustainable practices

Future planningNewsBusiness & PolicyMarkets

February 28, 2022
Record growth forecast for overall farm income in Canada in 2021

Future planningNewsBusiness & Policy

February 23, 2022
Second intake for Canadian Agricultural Youth Council members launches

Future planningNewsEnvironment

February 22, 2022
GOC announces up to $182.7 million for On-Farm Climate Action Fund

Future planningNewsTechnology

November 17, 2021
Bayer and Microsoft partner for digital ag tools

Future planningNewsInsect Pests

September 29, 2021
University of Saskatchewan to build insect research facility

Future planningFeatures

September 22, 2021
From the Editor: Considering careers in agriculture

Future planningNewsEquipment

September 15, 2021
FCC: Farm equipment outlook strong, inventory tight

Future planningNewsEvents

September 14, 2021
National ag debate provides platform highlights from four federal parties

Future planningNewsBusiness & Policy

July 7, 2021
Government invests in academia/industry collaborative projects

Future planningNewsBusiness Management

June 15, 2021
Richardson building new grain elevator in Saskatchewan

Future planningNewsEmerging Trends

June 7, 2021
OFA launches Home Grown campaign for farmland protection

Future planningNewsTechnology

May 26, 2021
Bibeau unveils second step of Food Waste Reduction Challenge

Future planningNewsBusiness & Policy

May 26, 2021
Canada to enhance cybersecurity in agriculture sector

Future planningNews

April 15, 2021
WGRF predicts future of Prairie crop production and research

Future planningNews

April 12, 2021
Nutrien releases plan to improve agricultural sustainability by 2030

Future planningNews

April 7, 2021
FCC releases annual Farmland Value Report