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February 28, 2022
Insects, diseases and weeds to watch in soybean

AgronomyFeaturesFertility and Nutrients

February 25, 2022
Expanding non-irrigated dry beans in Saskatchewan

AgronomyAgronomy UpdatePulses

February 21, 2022
Controlling Botrytis grey mould in lentil


February 21, 2022
Spotlight on sustainable protein


February 18, 2022
Intercropping can improve irrigated corn silage


February 16, 2022
More to learn about soybean rotations

AgronomyAgronomy UpdateFeaturesHerbicidesWeed ManagementWeeds

February 12, 2022
Agronomy update: Controlling glyphosate-resistant kochia in chemical fallow


February 11, 2022
Are there benefits to precision planting pulses?


February 9, 2022
Editorial: Plant protein popularity

AgronomyFeaturesOther Crops

January 29, 2022
Adding diverse crops into Prairie rotations

AgronomyNewsBusiness & PolicyCanola

January 27, 2022
FCL and AGT Foods partner for new canola crush facility near Regina


January 23, 2022
Investigating a new lentil desiccant


January 20, 2022
Investigating kochia control in lentil

AgronomyNewsOther CropsSoil

January 11, 2022
OMAFRA: Prevent damage or repair pugged pasture

AgronomyNewsEmerging TrendsOther Crops

January 6, 2022
Human-grade canary seed now available

AgronomyAgronomy UpdateFeaturesSoybeansWeeds

January 5, 2022
Agronomy update: Volunteer canola competition in soybean is intense


January 3, 2022
OMAFRA: Rainfall significantly affected 2021’s corn crop

AgronomyFeaturesInsect PestsSoybeans

January 3, 2022
Don’t misdiagnose spider mites in soybeans


January 1, 2022
Refining soybean seeding depth


December 30, 2021
Tar spot here to stay in Ontario

AgronomyFeaturesCornFertility and Nutrients

December 28, 2021
Tailoring the corn fertility system

AgronomyFeaturesFertility and NutrientsSoybeans

December 26, 2021
Correlating iron deficiency chlorosis and soybean yield

AgronomyFeaturesInsect Pests

December 24, 2021
Grappling with Bt resistance in European corn borers

AgronomyNewsCover Crops

December 22, 2021
Cover cropping uptake increasing on the Prairies, survey finds

AgronomyNewsCover Crops

December 21, 2021
Results of 2020 Ontario cover crop survey now available

AgronomyFeaturesFertility and NutrientsOther Crops

December 20, 2021
Lower costs with less N in dry bean

AgronomyNewsFertility and NutrientsResearch

December 16, 2021
Fertilizer Canada and RDAR invest in 4R soil health project


December 13, 2021
OMAFRA: Adverse weather damaged cereal crop harvest