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Top six reasons to choose Bio-Sul for your farming operation

September 5, 2022  Sponsored by GFL Ag

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Sometimes a decision to save time doesn’t have to cost more. When planning your farm’s crop nutrition plan, choosing Bio-Sul Premium Plus will help your crops benefit from season-long nutrition and increase the necessary nutrients that will boost your crop’s yield potential.

Bio-Sul is a mix of Class 1 compost and elemental sulphur. The elemental sulphur is broken down and made more available to the soil through blending. Not only does this reduce costs, but it eliminates the need for ammonium sulphate (AMS).

When it comes to planning next season’s crop inputs, consider the benefits of adding Bio-Sul to your farming operation:

1. Low cost: Bio-Sul is priced lower than other elemental sulphur products and is effective on both sandy and low organic soils. Farmers can apply enough in one shot to last multiple years, producing the biggest and best crops. It also makes more nutrients available over time and can help reduce disease, all contributing to your operation’s profitability.

2. Promotes long-term soil health: Farming is about having a balanced macro profile of nutrients in the soil, something Bio-Sul promises in spades. Farmers recognize that sulphur is critical to production and that sulphur deficiency leads to yield losses. This makes Bio-Sul an even more valuable addition to your farm’s balanced crop nutrition plan.

3. Flexible in the field: While typically applied in the fall, Bio-Sul can be used anytime you can get out in the field. Think about your crop rotation plans and then schedule accordingly.

4. Wise investment: Think about Bio-Sul as an added investment. It acts like compound interest, accumulating more significant benefits over time. The more you use elemental sulphur for your crops, the more you enhance the life of bacteria in the soil, which is a good thing.

5. Natural health supplement: In a way, using Bio-Sul is like a natural health supplement for cereals, oilseed and other crops. It enhances the perfect microbiology. One application can actually accelerate crop performance, yield and potential revenue until the next treatment. It builds momentum any grower would welcome.

6. Better for the environment: AMS may have had its place in crop production, but it is bulky and expensive. Bio-Sul transforms compost material into crop nutrients and uses elemental sulphur, a by-product from oil and gas production. This sulphur-enriched nutrient source will enhance crop performance and promote long-term sustainable food production.

At GFL Ag, we’re committed to sustainable environmental solutions in agriculture, and we have the expertise to help you minimize costs and enhance your crop nutrition plan. Contact a GFL Ag representative to learn more about the cost-saving measure of Bio-Sul Premium Plus. 


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