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Timac Agro Canada collaborates with U of C for research project

February 7, 2023  By Top Crop Manager

Timac Agro Canada has announced a multi-year scientific collaboration with the University of Calgary aiming at contributing to the advancement of national research related to drought tolerance on canola as well as nitrous oxide emissions reductions in Canadian agriculture.

The project is called “From the laboratory to the field: expanding potential correlation between phosphorus use efficiency and nitrous oxide emission reductions.”

Throughout the research project, the University of Calgary and Timac Agro will be seeking to bring the laboratory to the field and validate assumptions over a broad range of crops and soil types.


Another segment of the research project will involve Timac Agro’s Top Phos, an award-winning complexed superphosphate fertilizer introduced in 2019 in Canada. Aimed at maximizing phosphorus use efficiency, notably by avoiding P tie-up and blockage occurrences in their soils.

Timac Agro is a pioneer in soil, plant and animal nutrition with more than 3,600 representatives visiting 20,000 farms per day. The company also relies on a vast network of over 150 scientific partnerships to help validate and demonstrate the benefits of its technologies for farmers.


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