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Sweepstakes return for the 2022 Top Crop Summit

Win your entry to the upcoming Top Crop Summit through our annual December Sweepstakes contest.

December 1, 2021  By Top Crop Manager

The Top Crop Summit returns virtually on Feb. 16 and Feb. 23, 2022, and to celebrate the month of December, we’re giving away 40 free passes that will give you access to both days of the Summit, with agendas curated for farmers in Eastern Canada on Feb. 16, and producers in Western Canada on Feb. 23.

We’ll draw 10 names each week and announce the results on Thursdays, starting on Dec. 9. Stay tuned to this page to check if you’re a winner, and keep an eye on your inbox and spam folders as we’ll be contacting all winners via email as well.

Weren’t one of our lucky winners? Never fear! Early bird pricing is still in effect for the month of January, so register now.


Week 1 (Dec. 1-8) winners:

  1. Stephanie Boire, Gravelbourg, Sask.
  2. Garnet Schweitzer, Neudorf, Sask.
  3. Larry Bryck, Hubbard, Sask.
  4. Ken King, Trochu, Alta.
  5. Grant Richardson, Dunnville, Ont.
  6. Avery Hodgins, Kyle, Sask.
  7. Carol Meister, Gull Lake, Sask.
  8. Trevor Wallace, Leduc, Alta.
  9. Darcy Kako, Dinsmore, Sask.
  10. Angelica Bach, Germantown, Ohio

Week 2 (Dec. 9-15) winners:

  1. Tim Gardner, Saskatoon
  2. Mitchell Blyth, Bagot, Man.
  3. David Cousens, Kinburn, Ont.
  4. Nathan Trowell, Regina
  5. Warren Kohlman, Tramping Lake, Sask.
  6. Bob Chubb, Portage la Prairie, Man.
  7. Elissa DeBoer, Amaranth, Ont.
  8. Jennifer Bogdan, Saskatoon
  9. Catherine Kerkhoff, Taber, Alta.
  10. Murray Hodgins, Kyle, Sask.

Week 3 (Dec. 16-23) winners:

  1. David Sanders, Ninga, Man.
  2. Jake Voth, Marquette, Man.
  3. Tom King, Saskatoon
  4. Carrie Ross, Taber, Alta.
  5. Robert Chrumka, Tilley, Alta.
  6. Larry Bertens, Mitchell, Ont.
  7. Neil Wammes, Blenheim, Ont.
  8. Frank Nemcek, Alvisnton, Ont.
  9. Kevin Visscher, Graysville, Man.
  10. Michael Steckler, Warman, Sask.

Week 4 (Dec. 24-30) winners:

  1. Jeff Lipcsik, Harley, Ont.
  2. Steve Wipf, New Dayton, Alta.
  3. Andre Lacoursiere, Vulcan, Alta.
  4. Paul Velthuis, Osgoode, Ont.
  5. Nelson Boychuk, Thorhild, Alta.
  6. Kris Malenchak, Rockyview County, Alta.
  7. Stephen Vandervalk, Fort Macleod, Alta.
  8. Lynne Lewis, Holstein, Ont.
  9. Trent Hilderman, Duval, Sask.
  10. Verner Johnson, Dugald, Man.

And our grand prize winner is… Amanda Filipchuk of Canora, Sask.!

Congratulations to all of our winners!


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