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Syngenta opens Canadian Seedcare Institute

Syngenta Canada officially opened the Canadian Seedcare Institute at its Honeywood research facility today in Plattsville, Ont. 

The Canadian Seedcare Institute is part of a network of 12 facilities that are recognized as global centres of excellence for their work in supporting customers and advancing the use of seed treatment technology. Work at the Canadian Seedcare Institute is focused on several important Canadian crops including canola, cereals, corn, potatoes, puleses and soybeans. 

In order to be eligible to join the Seedcare Institute network, facilities must meet global service standards in several service areas, including stewardship, training, seed safety and biology. 

Global headquarters for the Seedcare Institute network is Stein, Switzerland. The 11 other institutes are located in Argentina, Brazil, China, France, Germany, Mexico, Singapore, South Africa, Switzerland, Ukraine and the United States.

September 16, 2016  By Stefanie Croley

Chris Davison


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