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Sunflower introduces new air drill class

Aug. 19, 2015 - Sunflower, the seeding and tillage line from AGCO Corporation, is expanding its seeding product offering to include the new Sunflower 9830NT Series, an integrated seed hopper, single-disc air drill. The 9830NT Series features a large capacity, two-compartment seed tank and a narrow, 11.5-foot transport width to give it exceptional versatility and performance.

"The heart of the new 9830NT air drill is Sunflower's field-proven, single-rank, single-disc opener system," says AGCO senior product marketing specialist Larry Kuster in a news release. "This system delivers the precise, high-speed seeding performance farmers need to plant more acres in less time."

Each tool bar on the 9800 single disk drill consists of two pairs of seeding disks and two packer tires. Each pair of seeding disks is mounted opposed on a common strut. By placing all of the openers in a single row, the opener spacing stays uniform in turns and when drifting on side slopes. The amount of soil coverage over each seed row is more uniform with this arrangement because there are no back rows to cover front rows.

The Sunflower single-disc opener design throws significant soil between the disks and in front of the packer tire, providing more loose soil for packing. As a result, fewer open furrows are created. With the seed placed precisely at each edge of the packer tire, crusting is virtually eliminated, as the seedling has an unpacked path to the surface. The patented five-degree angle of the packer tire scrubs and compacts the soil, closing the seed trench as well as keeping the tires cleaner in sticky conditions.

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August 19, 2015  By Top Crop Manager

Sunflower Introduces All-New Class of Air Drill with 9830NT Series.


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