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Submissions open for Global Youth Ag Summit in Belgium

Canada remains involved for the third-installment of the Global Youth Agriculture Summit, taking place October 9 to 13, 2017 in Brussels, Belgium. Four young leaders will represent Canada – two of which will be current members or alumni of 4-H Canada. About 100 young delegates from around the world will share ideas, develop solutions and engage in an open discussion on one of the world’s most challenging questions: How do we feed a hungry planet sustainably?

December 20, 2016  By Top Crop Manager

Bayer and two Belgian young farmers associations, Groene Kring and Fédération des Jeunes Agriculteurs, have placed a call for applications. To apply, young people aged 18 to 25 are asked to submit an essay on the underlying causes of food insecurity and the effect it can have on a growing population. The essay question is based on the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Applications are being accepted online until January 13, 2017. Find out more about the application process and the Summit at

The Summit’s long-term goal is to inspire delegates to not just think, but to act to improve young people’s knowledge about agriculture. The Youth Agriculture Literacy Study (initiated by Bayer in 2015) revealed that the overwhelming majority of young people had no idea when crops were ripe or were harvested. The study also demonstrated that a higher level of education does not mean a higher level of agricultural literacy.

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