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Stocks of grain declining, except corn and oats

As of March 31, 2008, total stocks of major grain and oilseeds had declined compared with the same date in 2007. Excluded from this decline are corn and oats, which saw an increase. These measurments include both commercial and on-farm inventories.

May 13, 2008  By Statistics Canada

May 7, 2008

OTTAWA – Except for corn for grain and
oats, total stocks of major grains and oilseeds, including commercial and
on-farm inventories, had declined as of
March 31, 2008, compared with the same date in
2007, according to a survey of grain farmers and commercial grain holders.

Total corn for grain stocks hit a record high, and total oat storage levels
remained well above the five-year average.


Stocks of wheat tumble

Total stocks of wheat excluding durum amounted to an estimated 8.8 million
tonnes, down 4.0 million tonnes from March 2007. The decline was mainly the
result of a 25.3% drop in production in 2007. Prairie on-farm stocks alone were
down 36.6% to 5.6 million tonnes, well below the five-year average of 7.6
million tonnes.

Commercially held stocks and on-farm stocks in all Prairie provinces tumbled to levels below the
five-year average.

Total stocks of durum wheat fell 35.2% to 2.1 million tonnes, an estimate below
the five-year average of 3.8 million tonnes. Just two years ago, a record 5.2
million tonnes of durum was reported.

On-farm durum stock amounts in the Prairie provinces tumbled to levels not seen since
1989. On-farm stocks of durum were down in all
Prairie provinces and in commercial positions to
estimates dramatically below the five-year average.

Stocks of canola down

Total stocks of canola were 3.7 million tonnes, 22.2% below March 2007. On-farm
stock levels in the Prairie provinces, where the majority of Canadian
canola is grown, were all down.

Total Prairie province on-farm stocks of canola were 2.5 million tonnes,
compared with the five-year average of 2.8 million tonnes. Lower production in
2007, as well as increased exports and record crushings, led to the draw-down
in total stocks.

Oats stocks rise

Total stocks of oats at the end of March were the highest since the year 2000,
primarily as a result of very strong production levels in 2007. The total stock
estimate for oats was 2.0 million tonnes, an increase of 30.3% from 2007 and
substantially above the five-year average of 1.6 million tonnes.

Total stocks of barley down marginally

Total stocks of barley were down just 2.4% from March 2007 to 4.5 million
tonnes. The five-year average is 5.4 million tonnes.

Stock levels remained unchanged in Manitoba, but declined in Saskatchewan and Alberta.

Record stocks of grain corn

Despite increasing demand for ethanol and animal feed, record high supplies
from imports and production have kept total stocks of grain corn at 6.0 million
tonnes, 10.0% higher than March 2007. This level easily exceeds the previous
record of 5.8 million tonnes set in 2006.

In Ontario, on-farm stocks of corn for grain
rose 18.2% to a record 2.7 million tonnes, surpassing the record of 2.5 million
tonnes set in March 2006.
Quebec farmers reported a robust increase of
40.7% to 1.9 million tonnes.


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