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Stacking agronomic practices to maximize wheat yield

June 28, 2013, Edmonton, AB - A new research study could increase yields and profitability for Alberta wheat producers.

The research is investigating three agronomic practices: supplemental nitrogen fertilizer, plant growth regulators (PGRs) and foliar fungicide applications, to determine the synergistic benefits of stacking agronomic practices to maximize wheat yield.

According to Sheri Strydhorst, agronomic research scientist with Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development (AARD), there have been a number of studies looking at these individual practices, but there is very limited research testing their combined, and potentially synergistic, effects.

There are 48 treatments in this study to examine the synergistic benefits of stacking two and/or three of these agronomic practices.

In addition to assessing yield benefits, a basic economic analysis will be conducted to determine the return on investment associated with individual and stacked agronomic practices.

The research is being funding by the Alberta Wheat Commission with in-kind support provided by AARD, Koch Agronomic Services, Kittle Farms Ltd., Don Schmermund, Brian Trueblood, Clarence Assenheimer, Greg Porozni and Terry Young.


June 28, 2013  By Janet Kanters


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