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Stabilize Nitrogen to Reduce On-Farm Losses

“Nitrogen is one of the biggest investments you make on the farm, and when you lose it to denitrification or leaching, it costs you real money,” says Lorne Thoen, product manager with Corteva Agriscience.

January 27, 2019
by Corteva Agriscience

Without careful management, farmers’ fertilizer investment may not be fully utilized by the crop. “Growers underestimate the amount of nitrogen they lose,” says Jason Smith, market development specialist with Corteva Agriscience. “Whether they band or surface apply it, their losses are higher than they believe.”

One effective way to reduce nitrogen losses and reduce greenhouse gas emissions is to invest in technology that improves fertilizer efficiency and use a nitrogen stabilizer.

Nitrogen stabilizers like N-Serve™ or eNtrench™ keep more nitrogen in the root zone, increasing yield potential, reducing nitrogen losses to the environment, and ensuring growers get the most out of their fertilizer investment.

“Making sure your nitrogen stays in the root zone is one of the most important things you can do for your crop,” says Thoen.

Over 35 years of research trials have shown that N-Serve and eNtrench can reduce nitrogen leaching by 16 percent and denitrification by 51 percent. Research trials conducted in the last three years have shown that using N-Serve or eNtrench increases the amount of crop available nitrogen in the root zone by 21 percent.

“Growers who use N-Serve or eNtrench find there is more available nitrogen in the soil in June and early July to support plant growth,” says Thoen.

Having more nitrogen available to crops can result in a significant return on investment. “In field trials we saw an average of eight percent yield increase in canola treated with N-Serve or eNtrench. Wheat yields increased six percent on average,” says Smith.

The ROI goes further than yield increases, though. There is peace of mind for growers who know they are supporting environmental stewardship through their farming practices. “If you use these products, you’re doing the right thing for the land, you’re maximizing nitrogen use, and you’re increasing yields,” Thoen says.

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