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Spring flood risk low in Manitoba

Mar. 27, 2015 - The risk of flooding in Manitoba this spring is low in most areas of the province as run-off from melting snow has ended or is low. However, according to the province's Hydrologic Forecast Centre, a major rain or snowstorm could still produce late spring or early summer localized flooding.

The spring snowmelt is over in most of the southern, southwest and Interlake regions of Manitoba, and rivers have generally remained within banks. Peak spring run-off has passed for the Red River and its tributaries, the Souris River and its tributaries, the Qu'Appelle River, Manitoba portions of the Assiniboine River and its tributaries, Pembina River and tributaries, and the Fisher, Icelandic, Roseau and Whitemouth rivers. All rivers and creeks in the western part of the province, including the Duck Mountain and Riding Mountain areas, have also peaked.

The risk of ice jam-related flooding is mostly low, with the exception of the Saskatchewan River at The Pas and Carrot River as the spring melt is just underway.

Meanwhile, spring run-off has not yet started in the northern and northwest regions of Manitoba as temperatures continue below freezing. The outlook suggests the risk of flooding in those areas will be minor to moderate.




March 27, 2015  By Top Crop Manager


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