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South West Ag Partners launches sustainable cropping systems

June 9, 2015 - Ontario ag retailer South West Ag Partners (SW Ag) has announced the establishment of Sustainable Cropping Systems to meet growers’ needs in addressing environmental challenges and the increasing scrutiny on Ontario agriculture. This new suite of offerings aims to bridge new tillage equipment technology with precision agriculture to better manage nutrient placement, soil health, crop residue and crop productivity.

“Our customers are looking for ways to continue to be good environmental stewards of the land, and we want to be their partner in these endeavors,” says Rick Youlton, marketing manager for SW Ag. “We have spent the last several months compiling the equipment, the agronomic expertise and the latest in GPS technologies to build this innovative offering for our customers.”

SW Ag’s Sustainable Cropping Systems combines four core components – tillage equipment, agronomics, precision farming and custom application of nutrients – into a cropping recommendation tailored for individual farmers. At the center of the program is the SoilWarrior zone-tillage machine and a pilot project designed to help growers explore and develop crop production systems that are more sustainable from a soil and nutrient perspective.  

Zone tillage offers the advantage of minimum tillage while strategically placing nutrients in the root zone where they are readily available to the growing plant and are more stable in the soil profile. “The zone-tillage approach brings together the benefits of conventional and no-till crop systems while addressing the challenges and limitations of both systems. We are excited to bring this equipment to our customers,” Youlton says. “With our custom application service offering, our customers can explore the zone-tillage system on their own farms without incurring the investment in equipment.”

Farmers interested in learning more about SW Ag’s Sustainable Cropping Systems are advised to contact their SW Ag representative.

June 9, 2015  By Top Crop Manager


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