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Some Manitoba grain and oilseed prices down from last year

November 16, 2022  By Top Crop Manager

The latest weekly report for grain and oil seed prices in the Manitoba open market shows a number of drops in price from both one week ago and one year ago.

As of Nov. 10, western red spring wheat, northern hard red wheat, red winter wheat and canola show week-over-week and year-over year drops for their prices per tonne. Prices are based on farmers’ net cash return at the Winnipeg elevator.

Meanwhile, some prices were flat increased on a week-over-week basis but were still down year-over-year. Barley, flaxseed, peas, corn and oat prices are up from last week, but still down from the same week last year. Flaxseed prices in particular show a significant difference year-over-year; this week’s price per tonne is $775.55, whereas one year ago, the per tonne price was $1,428.27.


However, there were some prices that increased year-over-year. Soybeans, in particular, are up nearly 35 per cent, at $708.06 per tonne. Wheat (special purpose), corn #2 and canola meal prices are also slightly higher than one year ago.

The full report for the period ended Nov. 10 is available here.


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