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Solid core is in strong demand

Oct. 29, 2015 - When it comes to efficient in-furrow inoculation, it is all about flow. Ensuring accurate and consistent placement near the seed will help improve nodulation and ensure the correct amount of product is being used. Traditional granular peat formulations can bridge easily because of higher dust and inconsistent granule size and shape. Exclusive to BASF, Nodulator XL SCG (Solid Core Granule) offers growers a unique, primarily clay-based carrier with less dust and more uniform granule size for better flowability. This results in more accurate placement in-furrow next to the seed, leading to better nodulation and higher yield potential.

Not only is Nodulator XL SCG a unique and effective delivery system, it offers a more active strain of rhizobia and provides a guaranteed number of rhizobia per gram, delivering yield boosts of three to eight per cent in peas and lentils.

"We recently started using Nodulator XL Solid Core granule and were really happy with the results," said Mike Unger, a grower from Rush Lake, Sask. "I like the flowability and found it flowed evenly through the drills and got into the rows evenly. I would recommend Nodulator XL Solid Core granule to other growers because of the great results we've seen."

The unique formulation available only from BASF provides better results than peat granular formulations. Nodulator XL SCG offers greater durability and is more resistant to crumbling caused by friction and pressure in the seeder. In addition, less dust is produced because of strict production standards for durability before packaging. Greater consistency for uniformity and shape is emphasized, allowing for optimal flow and accurate placement in the field, and superior field performance with a guaranteed minimum of 80 million rhizobia per gram.

"BASF is continually committed to developing new innovations with improved modes of action to offer growers the best technology on the market," said Ariel Gohlke, Brand Manager, Inoculants, BASF. "Nodulator XL Solid Core granule provides growers a technologically advanced granular carrier for rhizobia in a low dust formulation."

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October 30, 2015  By BASF


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