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Soil-building seaweed extracts win spot on Top 10 Innovative Products list

June 27, 2022  By Top Crop Manager

Acadian Plant Health’s seaweed extracts have won a spot on Germination‘s Top 10 Most Innovative Products list, in the biologicals/biostimulants category. This win follows recent research connecting the use of seaweed extracts to improved soil health.

In its inaugural year, the Top 10 Most Innovative Products list seeks to shine a spotlight on leaders of change in the seed industry by highlighting the most innovative products from six categories: equipment, traits, seed-applied technology, testing, software and biologicals/biostimulants. Germination identified the winners based on the products’ overall impacts on the industry, potential for scalability and widespread use.

Soil health is a primary concern for not only farmers, but the global population whose food security depends on well-managed agriculture. The Nova Scotia-based company’s Ascophyllum nodosum seaweed extracts are well-known to help with crop stressors, but the organization’s latest research shows the extracts’ notable positive impact on soil microbes.


“Soil is the most important tool we have to feed a fast-growing world in the coming decades, and farmers need it to maximize productivity more than ever,” said Sarah Maude, Acadian’s vice-president, technology. “Having our technology recognized as a leading innovation energizes us to continue advancing these necessary solutions for sustainable food production.”

Results of the study showed a direct correlation between Acadian seaweed extracts and the growth of mycorrhizal fungi, as well as enhancement of the plant-microbe symbiosis.

This solution is both compatible with and complements sustainable crop production practices in line with the UN’s sustainable agriculture goals.

“There is a new willingness among those in the food and agriculture industry to consider farming as something other than extracting commodities from the landscape,” Maude added.

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