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Kett introduces PM650 moisture meter

The PM650 Advanced Portable Grain and Seed Moisture Meter by Kett uses capacitance technology, which exists between two conductors insulated from each other and measures electric charge separated from a given electric potential.

November 2, 2018  By Top Crop Manager

The dielectric capacitance technology commonly used in grain moisture meters is based on the relationship between a grain’s moisture content and its dielectric constant. As its moisture content increases, its dielectric constant increases. Since the rate at which the dielectric constant increases is different for all grain types, a unique calibration is necessary for each grain type.

The PM650 meter is a portable and battery-powered device, offering instant measurement and more than 150 calibrations for the most common grain and seed types.

Producers can pour the sample into the machine, and receive the moisture content and density (g/l) displayed instantly. Automatic averaging enables quick spot check measurement of samples in bulk containers. To document such tests, the unit offers digital output to a computer or optional printer.


The KJT130 Handheld Portable Instant Moisture Meter, uses Near-Infrared (NIR) light, a highly accurate, non-contact, secondary measurement method that can deliver immediate laboratory quality moisture readings. NIR moisture meters follow the principle that water absorbs certain wavelengths of light. The meter reflects light off the sample, measures how much light has been absorbed, and the result is automatically converted into a moisture content reading. NIR moisture meters allow accurate instant measurement of any agricultural product without contact or sample preparation, so there is no contamination in handheld and online models. No calibration is required in the field.

The is the size of a camcorder and is operated via menu commands. It’s designed for frequent spot checks wherever necessary, on both stationary and moving (process line) products. Moisture measurement data can be stored in the instrument, downloaded continuously, or manually recorded.

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