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Seeding progresses across Saskatchewan, moisture needed

May 30, 2023  By Top Crop Manager

Saskatchewan’s crop report for May 16-22 indicates producers across the province continue to make progress with their seeding operations. Currently, 68 per cent of the 2023 crop in the ground. This is still behind the five-year average of 76 per cent, but it is a very good sign that many producers in the western half of the province have wrapped up seeding or are only a few days away from finishing. Some producers would like to see some rain to ensure their crop has the moisture needed to emerge evenly and not be held back by dry conditions.

Producers in the northwest are almost done seeding with 84 per cent of their crop now in the ground followed by the west central with 81 per cent, the northeast with 76 per cent, the southwest with 73 per cent, the east-central with 58 and the southeast with 51 per cent. Producers in the southeast and east-central are still struggling with excess moisture hindering field operations.

There were small to moderate rain showers across the province over the week with close to an inch falling in some areas. The Rosetown and Livelong areas received 21 mm, the Kenaston area 15 mm, the Hafford and Hazenmore areas 10 mm, while other parts of the province received anywhere from 1 to 8 mm. For the most part, the rain was not enough to relieve the dry conditions that some producers are facing. This issue is greatest in the west central region where topsoil moisture has quickly dropped after weeks of minimal precipitation.


After another warm, windy week, topsoil moisture ratings have continued to drop in many regions. Province wide, crop land topsoil moisture is rated as 2 per cent surplus, 63 per cent adequate, 29 per cent short and 6 per cent very short. Hay and pasture land is rated as 59 per cent adequate, 31 per cent short and 10 per cent very short. The driest regions are the northwest, west-central and southwest, where some producers are worried their newly emerging crop will not have enough moisture to make it through the heat of July without a good soaking of rain.

Seeding Progress
Per cent combined
Historical All Crops
May 22, 2023 68
May 23, 2022 52
May 24, 2021 86
May 25, 2020 80
May 27, 2019 92
May 21, 2018 70
5 year average
10 year average

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