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Seeding in less than optimal conditions

April 6, 2020  By Top Crop Manager

The 2019 harvest was unusual in many respects, and it’s likely to lead to unusual 2020 spring seeding conditions. A resource created by Manitoba Agriculture provides a list of considerations for seeding in less than optimal conditions.

Growers can use the information to mitigate seed and soil damage in planting, and optimize seeding operations to maximize yield potential if seeding is delayed. Tips included avoiding soil compaction, seed and crop choice, seed placement and whether to use a seed treatment.

The take home message?


Many farmers have the ability to plant many acres in just a few days, and many crops in our rotation maintain a good yield potential until the beginning of June. While early planting favours higher yields, it does not guarantee higher yields or seed quality at harvest. Getting the crop off to a good start by seeding into a good seed bed once the soils permit equipment access should be the first priority. Regardless of when planting begins, best practices should be used to ensure the crop is reaching its yield potential.

Read the full list on Manitoba Agriculture’s website at Considerations for seeding in less than optimal conditions.


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