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Saskatchewan launches Agricultural Operator Program

Jan. 29, 2014 - Saskatchewan has launched the Agricultural Operator Program. The program is aimed at helping those interested in a career in agriculture develop the knowledge and skills needed to find employment here in the province.

The program is module-based, offering practical, hands-on training to individuals interested in working on Saskatchewan farms. Students and employers will have the flexibility to choose the entire program or specific modules relevant to their farms.

The first three modules will be seeding, spraying and scouting, and harvest, to be delivered at the Parkland Regional College in Yorkton. Additional modules will be developed for the livestock industry including haying, beef cattle reproduction and calving, and cattle husbandry and handling. Following the pilot program, the provincial government will work to expand the program to other regional colleges across Saskatchewan.

The pilot program will start with a seeding module beginning on March 3, 2014. The module is comprised of 36 hours of hands-on workshops and nine hours of online delivery. It will cover essential farm knowledge for seeding processes and equipment maintenance. The spraying module will be available in late May and the harvest module will be available in early July.

For more information on how to apply for the program, go to or

The federal and provincial governments will invest $200,000 in funding for the development and delivery of the Agricultural Operator Program pilot through Growing Forward 2.


January 29, 2014  By Top Crop Manager


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