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Saskatchewan lab gets $200K to fight clubroot

Apr. 18, 2013, Regina, SK - New technology at the Crop Protection Laboratory in Regina will allow that facility to conduct tests for clubroot. The new equipment is the result of an investment of more than $200,000 by the provincial government and industry partners.

Clubroot is a crop disease that can cause serious yield losses in canola, mustard and other crops. The new equipment at the Crop Protection Lab allows for the detection of clubroot DNA from soil samples. Previously, all soil survey samples had to be sent to Alberta for clubroot testing.

The provincial government partnered with SaskCanola, SaskFlax and the Saskatchewan Mustard Development Commission to expand the diagnostic ability of the Crop Protection Lab.

In addition to this funding to improve the Crop Protection Lab to test for clubroot, the provincial government works with industry on clubroot prevention and management plans, provides educational information and assistance, co-ordinates canola disease surveys and clubroot surveillance. In addition, clubroot has been declared a pest under The Pest Control Act.

The Crop Protection Lab is the only facility in Saskatchewan that provides broad-scale diagnostic services in the areas of plant health, insects, weed control and herbicide resistance screening. In addition to now being able to test for clubroot, the Crop Protection Lab also provides services for insect and plant identification, plant disease diagnosis, herbicide resistance testing and honey bee pest diagnostics.


April 23, 2013  By Gov't of Saskatchewan


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