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Saskatchewan Forage Network formed

Jan. 22, 2013, Saskatoon, SK - The Saskatchewan Forage Council recently launched the Saskatchewan Forage Network, with the help of industry partners, including an investment from the federal government of $148,000.

The Saskatchewan Forage Council (SFC) is currently working on the Network's objectives, which include developing a strategy to build forage research capacity, facilitating access to project funds, and achieving coordinated technology transfer and extension activities across the industry.

An industry-led steering committee, which includes members from the SFC, the Saskatchewan Cattlemen's Association, SaskMilk, the Sask Leafcutters Association, the Saskatchewan Forage Seed Development Commission and the Native Plant Society of Saskatchewan, will identify new priorities, needs and gaps as the Network model is developed and implemented.

"This project is coming at a key time for the forage industry, as we are currently facing a serious lack of investment in forage research and program funding, both in Saskatchewan and across Canada. Funding for this project will be used to consult with and bring together stakeholders in a coordinated effort on forage-related issues facing the industry," said Aaron Ivey, President of the SFC and Chair of the Forage Network Steering Committee. "I am happy to report that this network has already seen positive progress."


January 22, 2013  By Janet Kanters


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