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Saskatchewan farmers asked to take part in pest-monitoring survey

April 9, 2020  By Top Crop Manager

Farmers in Saskatchewan, the provincial government needs your help in creating the annual pest forecast map. Saskatchewan’s Ministry of Agriculture is adopting a permission-based model for surveying fields this summer.

This means that they are asking farmers to contact their Regional offices or submit an online form to give the Ministry permission for staff to come onto their land to do the surveys.

The surveys monitor for insect, disease and weed pests, including: Fusarium head blight, blackleg, clubroot, field pea diseases, diamondback moth, aster leafhopper, and Bertha armyworm. For the complete list of pests monitored in the surveys, visit Pest Monitoring in Saskatchewan.


The Ministry conducts these surveys to understand the risks and potential damage associated with these pests, build forecast maps and make recommendations for control.

For more information on the survey program, to find the phone numbers for Regional offices, or to access in the online permission form, visit the Saskatchewan Pest Monitoring Program website.


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