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Saskatchewan crop research projects receive $7 million

Jan. 14, 2014, Saskatoon, SK - The Saskatchewan and federal governments announced nearly $7 million in funding for 46 crop-related research projects.

Projects to receive funding in 2014 include:

  • The performance of direct-cut harvest systems in canola;
  • Improving nitrogen fixation of peas;
  • Improving disease resistance in wheat;
  • How residue from soybeans contributes to nutrition and yield in cereal crops the following year;
  • Identifying new mustard varieties with improved yields;
  • Honey bee health and the management of Varroa mites;
  • The use of lentil bran as a food ingredient;
  • Weed control practices.

This funding is from the Saskatchewan Agriculture Development Fund (ADF) and is part of the $27.7 million agriculture research budget for 2013-14. This ADF funding leverages additional third party funding of more than $3.3 million, with the Western Grains Research Foundation, Saskatchewan Pulse Growers and Saskatchewan Canola Development Commission among the organizations partnering on ADF projects. In total, 28 of the projects are receiving at least some funding from one of these groups. In addition, a significant level of funding and in-kind contributions are being leveraged from various other partners.


January 15, 2014  By Top Crop Manager


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