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Saskatchewan crop report, April 28-May 4

May 8, 2020  By Top Crop Manager

Saskatchewan Agriculture is now releasing its weekly crop reports for the 2020 season. These reports provide information on current activity, crop statistics compared to previous years, weather and environmental conditions and other agronomic content.

Cropland topsoil moisture conditions in Saskatchewan as of May 4, 2020. Image courtesy of Saskatchewan Agriculture.

The most recent, which covers the period of April 28-May 4, states that seven per cent of 2020 crops have been seeded. This is six per cent lower than last year at this time, but only slightly lower than the five year average. This is not overly surprising, given that many farmers are still dealing with 2019’s crops (or were up until recently) before they can start on this year’s seeding, in combination with the cooler than average spring temperatures.

As for specific crop-seeding progress as of May 4, field pea tops the list at 11 per cent, with durum wheat and chickpeas (10 per cent) and lentils and oats (nine per cent) following close behind. Canaryseed and flax have yet to start planting, and soybeans (one per cent) and canola (two per cent) have just begun.


For the full report, visit the Saskatchewan Agriculture website.


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