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Sask. February spring runoff forecast

Feb. 10, 2015 - Saskatchewan's Water Security Agency (WSA) indicates a near normal spring runoff is expected across most of the southern half of Saskatchewan with below normal runoff for areas north of Cold Lake, La Ronge and Creighton.

Most of the province was saturated going into winter freeze-up, but warm temperatures in the month of January have helped lower the snowpack, according to the WSA, which will continue monitoring precipitation levels and conducting snow surveys to get a clearer picture of what the runoff outlook will be as spring draws near.

The spring runoff forecast has the potential to change in the weeks and months ahead. Below normal snowfall and a slower melt rate would result in below normal runoff. Conversely, above normal precipitation going forward and a rapid melt could still result in high runoff and potential flooding.

Extreme rainfall events are very unpredictable as the province experienced in the summer of 2014. As always, excess rainfall in the spring could significantly alter the runoff outlook and create excess moisture in some areas.

Updated forecasts will be provided in March and April. For more information or to view the full forecast and maps, visit


February 10, 2015  By Top Crop Manager


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