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Safety during harvest season

Manitoba Agriculture shares farm safety reminders in an effort to reduce the number of accidents during harvest season. 

August 22, 2018  By Manitoba Agriculture

To help improve safety on and around the farm, Manitobans can:

  • take extra precautions when driving past or near slow-moving farm equipment;
  • be respectful of other drivers, as long lineups of slow-moving vehicles can cause frustration;
  • ensure all lights are working and properly adjusted before moving farm equipment on public roads;
  • be aware of height, length and weight restrictions on farm vehicles and when permits may be required;
  • recognize the risks associated with fatigue when driving or handling other tasks;
  • regularly inspect and maintain farm equipment;
  • create a safe, separate and supervised play area for children on the farm; and
  • identify which farm tasks may be appropriate for young people, based on their age, skill levels and the youth work guidelines available at

In addition, Manitoba Canola Growers also sent a newsletter with their top three farm safety reminders. The newsletter reminds growers to be aware of the possibility of combine fires, especially in current dry harvest conditions. Earlier this week a grain elevator and hardware store in Crystal City, Man. were severely damaged by a fire, but the cause of the fire has not been confirmed. Despite this, it has been drier than normal across the Prairies where moderate drought conditions have been observed in the southern regions.

On top of machine fires, producers are encouraged to be proactive to prevent entanglements and hearing loss. Several ways to prevent getting caught in machinery include, wearing fitted clothing, keeping hair tied back, walking around machinery instead of through it or over a driveline, and keeping safety equipment on machinery such as a mastershield on a tractor. To protect hearing, producers can reduce their exposure to loud noises, ensure regular machinery maintenance to prevent loose parts from making more noise and wear protective gear like ear muffs. 

Manitoba Agriculture shares the following resources about farm safety and wellness for producers:

The Manitoba Farm Safety Program provides training, resources and support to producers to ensure they understand workplace safety requirements and provide a healthy, safe workplace. For more information, visit or follow MBFarmSafe on Twitter.  

If harvest becomes stressful for producers and their families, free confidential support is available through Manitoba Farm, Rural and Northern Support Services at 1-866-367-3276 (toll-free) or online at


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