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Resurgence of stripe rust in Alberta

June 22, 2015 - Recent precipitation and cooler temperatures in many areas of Alberta has caused a resurgence of stripe rust. So says Mike Harding, plant pathologist with Alberta Agriculture and Forestry at Brooks.

"New stripe rust symptoms on upper canopy leaves were reported in many areas of southern Alberta," says Harding. Also, increasing levels of stripe rust were reported last week in winter wheat at Olds and Lacombe, and stripe rust was found on spring wheat seedlings there as well. Additionally, stripe rust on winter wheat at the Crop Diversification Centre South in Brooks was seen for the first time this week; however, it was not seen on spring wheat there.

"Stripe rust appears to have overwintered on winter wheat in many areas of Alberta so local sources of the disease are abundant," says Harding. "Additionally, the most recent Cereal Rust Wind Trajectory Report and Risk Assessment reported that numerous air parcels from the Pacific Northwest passed over southern and central Alberta. These air parcels may contain stripe rust spores."

According to the report, "...continued development of stripe rust in the central plains of the USA, especially Kansas and Nebraska and recent reports of stripe rust in the Dakotas. Given that crops in Texas and Oklahoma are now approaching maturity and in some cases are being harvested, the risk of rust inoculum coming from these states is decreasing."

"Stripe rust can cause rapid epidemics, especially in susceptible cereal crops," adds Harding. "Regular scouting for symptoms is strongly advised."


June 22, 2015  By Top Crop Manager


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