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Lethbridge College research chair receives grant close to $500,000

July 4, 2024  By RDAR press release

Chandra Singh, senior research chair in agricultural engineering and technology at the Advanced Postharvest Technology Centre (APHTC) became the RDAR-funded research chair, and received a grant of nearly $500,000, to continue his research and tenure at Lethbridge College through 2029.

“RDAR is proud to support Dr. Singh’s crop research, recognizing its critical role in ensuring food security and sustainability in agriculture for future generations of Alberta’s producers. Investing in Dr. Singh and the continuation of his research at Lethbridge College empowers producers with the knowledge and tools needed to combat climate challenges, improve crop yields, and crop storage. This funding underscores RDAR’s commitment to advancing agricultural innovation, which is essential for feeding a growing population and safeguarding our environment,” says Clinton Dobson, vice president of research at RDAR.

With nearly 15 years of combined academic and industrial research experience, Singh has led extensive research on grain drying, including natural air in-bin grain drying and aeration, as well as high-temperature drying. His work has focused on minimizing post-harvest crop and quality losses. Moving forward, Singh’s research will focus on three areas: minimizing postharvest losses, adding value to local crops, and developing products and technological solutions to meet the needs of Alberta’s agri-food ecosystems. | READ MORE


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