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REMCLO Field Rx Solutions: a prescription for success

January 3, 2023  By REMCLO Field Rx Solutions (Sponsored)

Traditionally growers would use one application rate across an entire field or even their entire farming region. When growers apply fertilizer or seed this way, they cannot address the field’s soil variability and risk over-fertilizing and under-fertilizing areas, or placing too much seed in some areas and not enough in others. All fields are variable and consist of a range of soils and a range of fertility and seeding needs. REMCLO Field Rx Solutions provides an accurate cost-effective way for any grower to utilize variable-rate application technology, and more importantly, reduce their fertilizer and seeding rates. 

REMCLO Field Rx Solutions is a web-based interactive agronomy tool that builds fertilizer and seeding recommendations for Canadian growers. It uses a proprietary system of new high-definition digitized soil maps as the foundation for its fertilizer and seeding recommendations. It is a web-based program that the grower or their trusted agronomist will upload fields boundaries to. Once the fields have been uploaded, the user will choose the intended fertilizer or seeding products and a range of rates based on the agronomic or budget goals for that field. REMCLO Field Rx Solutions then processes the prescription for review. From there, the fertilizer or seeding prescription files and maps can be downloaded for each field after review and purchase. Once received, the grower then transfers the files into their equipment or sent to a custom applicator for application or planting. The fertilizer or seeding prescription will have the predefined soil type zones and the best rate targets assigned to each zone for the intended field.

The REMCLO Field Rx Solutions digital tool provides an innovative approach to field management. Every field is unique and contains a range a different soils. These different soils are the mechanism in which fertility or ideal seeding populations are achieved in crop production. Each soil has an exchange capability. Using our new high-definition digitized soil maps, we can support the grower in accurately applying the fertilizer or seeding rate to the right location. This concept of variable-rate application is not new, but until REMCLO, there has never been a provincial database publicly available to growers.


One of the truly innovative features about REMCLO Field Rx Solutions is it can build any fertilizer or seeding prescription for any field in Canada, using any liquid or dry fertilizer product or any seed for the crops you are growing. All we need is the field location and boundary – no other data is required from the grower.  

REMCLO Field Rx Solutions accurately applies the right rate to the right soil type zone. By doing this we can accomplish two goals. We can reduce traditional “straight” fertilizer and seeding rates by as much as 30 per cent in some fields. We can also achieve a significant reduction in fertilizer runoff by applying rates that the soils can exchange and capture. This is achieved by reducing rates in highly leachable soils and promoting more fertilizer in soils that can scientifically “hold” more fertilizer. This shift in rates will also give the grower that potential for an increase in yield and reduced input costs. When building a REMCLO Field Rx Solutions seeding or planting prescription, you can now utilize one of your most expensive crop inputs. By seeding higher rates in certain zones and lower rates in others, we can capture the full yield potential of any field, reduce seeding costs, lodging and aid in effeicient harvesting – all the while increasing yield. 

REMCLO Field Rx Solutions can build a field solution for any field, in any Canadian province. By using variable-rate technology and targeting specific soils, we can responsibly use the right rate, at the right time, in the right location . . . for every acre.


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