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Record cold affecting canola in Western Canada

The picture of the Prairies, according to this report, is one of cooler-than-normal temperatures and continuing dryness in some areas of Saskatchewan, with both conditions creating worries for growers concerning seeding and emergence.

June 4, 2009  By Storm X

June 3, 2009

Well below normal temperatures persist across the Canadian canola regions from Alberta to Manitoba. On Tuesday morning, frost was widespread in the Canadian Prairies. Environment Canada reported that 10 record lows were set in Alberta at that time. Near Calgary, temperatures dropped to minus four degrees C, about 12 degrees below normal. To the east, in Saskatchewan, Regina hit minus two degrees, where lows should be closer to 10 at this time of year.

By Thursday, light rain showers, possibly mixed with snow, should move into the Prairies, especially across Manitoba. Behind this storm system, even colder air is possible for Saskatchewan and Manitoba, while Alberta moderates.


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