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Province invests $56 million in the University of Guelph

In a move that recognizes the value and importance of the University of Guelph's many contributions, the Province of Ontario announced today that it will invest $56 million school's research programs and other departments.

March 28, 2008  By University of Guelph

March 28, 2008

Guelph, ON -President Alastair Summerlee welcomes the news that the McGuinty government will be investing an additional $56 million in the University of Guelph to advance research, animal health and the Ontario Veterinary College.


"I want to thank Minister Dombrowsky for making this significant and strategic investment happen," said Summerlee.

Agriculture is Ontario's second-largest industry and is vital to the province's economy and to the health and well-being of its citizens, he said.

"The province's agricultural sector is also evolving and will have a central and critical role to play in the future."

The one-time funding, included in Tuesday's provincial budget, will also help ensure training opportunities for the next generation of researchers.

The University will lead efforts to explore new research areas that include sustainable food production, environmental sustainability and the bio-economy.

Guelph scientists will explore the use of recyclable materials made from renewable farm crops. Crop-based materials offer great potential for use in a growing range of products, including packaging, auto parts and building materials.

"There are some exciting opportunities in manufacturing related to biological alternatives," Summerlee said. "As Canada's oldest and largest agricultural school, we have the expertise, influence and significance to lead the effort."

There will also be activities aimed at providing improved methods for addressing emerging diseases, including surveillance and testing, as well as initiatives that address public health issues related to the transmission of diseases from animals to humans. These investments will complement and strengthen the re-development of the Animal Health Laboratory, which the Ontario government has previously supported.

"We are delighted to be part of the Ontario government’s strategy to help the farm economy move towards a more sustainable future," Summerlee said.


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