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Pool payments higher from Ontario Wheat Board

In an announcement that may interest growers in both Eastern and Western Canada, the Ontario Wheat Producers' Marketing Board made its final payments for the 2007 crop, with pool values above average compared to 'off board' sales.

August 13, 2008  By Ontario Wheat Producers Marketing Board

August 13, 2008

Final payments for the 2007 Ontario Wheat Producers' Marketing Board crop have been made bringing the pool values to above average when compared to 'off-board' sales.

"The year started with a low initial payment but ended up with an above average final price," says Board General Manager, Larry Shapton. "Producers who put their wheat in the Pool are receiving returns that have exceeded the performance of many direct markets sales," he adds.


Final payments ranged from $9.78 to $15.69 per metric tonne to bring total pool values to $177.66/mt for Feed Wheat all the way to $304.39/mt for Pool D, Hard Red Spring. Pool E, Soft Red Winter which represents the largest part of the Ontario wheat crop came in at $245.28/mt or $6.68/bu.


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