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Peer-to-peer pesticide resistance management

January 3, 2023
By Top Crop Manager


Farming is an innovative business, and managing resistance is one area where that shines especially bright. Many farmers who deal with resistance – whether herbicide-resistant weeds, insecticide-resistant insects, or fungicide-resistant diseases – have developed some method of coping that works for them – and might for others. But aside from the local coffee shop or deep-diving on Twitter, how do you share those tips and compare notes with other resistance-managing farmers?

Jennifer Hubert, executive director of plant biotechnology with CropLife Canada and head of Manage Resistance Now, is looking for on-farm, resistance management success stories with the recently launched Pest Management Challenge. From rotating crops or chemistries to unique, complex strategies, all forms of resistance management great and small are welcome in the challenge.

In this episode of Inputs, Hubert discusses Manage Resistance Now, the importance of maintaining the tools we currently have, and the goals of the challenge – one of which is to create a peer-to-peer information-sharing hub.

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Show notes

Support for this episode provided by Nutrien ESN and Farm Management Canada.

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