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Managing Bt-resistant corn rootworm

September 20, 2022
By Top Crop Manager


Continuous corn has been possible the past couple decades thanks to Bt corn hybrids. But, as in many situations where there are limited options for control, the repeated use of Bt corn has allowed resistance to develop in corn rootworm populations. In a report published in late August, Tracey Baute, field crop entomologist with the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA), stated that cases of corn rootworm resistance to Bt rootworm (Bt-RW) hybrids have cropped up in fields of continuous corn in new counties.

Corn is used by many livestock farmers as feed due to its abundance and nutritional content. So, what can we do? In this episode of Inputs, Baute discusses how Bt corn hybrids have worked to manage corn rootworm so far, how resistance has developed and what it means for corn growers going forward.

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