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Planting plans for 2017

Statistics Canada issued its first estimates of 2017 Canadian crop acreage of the season. The numbers suggest Canadian farmers expect to plant record acres of canola and soybeans, as well as more spring wheat and oats in 2017, but fewer acres of durum wheat and lentils, crops that were both at high levels in 2016.

Nationally, here’s what’s expected:

Canola ­– potential record-high of 22.4 million acres. Up over 9.9 per cent from last year.

Soybeans – farmers intend to seed a record seven million acres of soybeans, up 27.2 per cent from last year.

Wheat – 23.2 million acres of all varieties of wheat, relatively unchanged from 2016.

Lentils – record 5.9 million acres of lentils were seeded last year. This will be trimmed by 25 per cent to 4.4 million this year.

Barley ­– down eight per cent compared to 2016, plans for 5.9 million acres.

April 28, 2017  By FCC


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