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Pay attention to herbicide resistance, urges Alberta Agriculture

Weed resistance to herbicides is not a new issue. Canada has reported resistance issues in weeds to at least six different herbicide groups. As an increasing number of weeds no longer respond to herbicide, it is important to know more about the issue and how to detect it. 

June 13, 2018  By Alberta Agriculture and Forestry

Alberta Agriculture and Forestry’s most recent article covers everything farmers need to know about herbicide resistance in Western Canada.

Harry Brook, crop specialist with Alberta Agriculture and Forestry, discusses a brief history of herbicide resistance, how to detect herbicide-resistant weeds and conditions that encourage weed resistance to emerge. | READ MORE

Given the prevalence of the issue, herbicide resistance is the focus of the first edition of our new digital series. For an in-depth look, check out Top Crop Manager’s Focus On: Herbicide Resistance.



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