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Ontario’s 2019 hybrid corn performance trials released

Several corn trials were discarded because of wet weather that disrupted the planting and maturing process.

December 20, 2019  By Top Crop Manager

The Ontario Corn Committee released the 2019 Ontario Hybrid Corn Performance Trials Report, which is a resource farmers can use when selecting corn seed for the upcoming season. The report includes yield index, moisture, lodging and test weight data for corn grown across five regions of the province.

The report is available in an easy-to-download version that can be printed at home or it can be viewed online in a spreadsheet format that allows users to sort the list according to their interests. Also available are graphs that illustrate the performance of hybrids relative to the average for their maturity.

Corn hybrids were planted at 18 locations across the province in 2019. Planting was delayed by wet weather at all locations. The Exeter trial was not planted because of wet soil conditions. Early growth was slowed by cool weather especially in the lower heat unit areas. Some locations were then affected by prolonged dry weather through July and August. The trial at Ottawa was discarded because of the variability caused by lack of moisture. Harvest was delayed at all locations because of late maturity and wet weather. Very high winds in late November resulted in high levels of lodging in eastern Ontario.


Moisture contents at harvest were very high at many locations. At some locations, many of the hybrids did not reach maturity, resulting in high moisture contents, reduced yields and low test weights.

The trials at Port Hope were discarded because of the combined effects of drought during the summer and severe lodging in November. The trials at Ilderton, Bainsville and Woodstock were discarded because of the failure to mature, very high moisture contents, and/or highly variable results.

The accuracy of moisture and test-weight measurement using combine-mounted monitors decreases as moisture content increases and at low temperatures. Because this also affects the accuracy of yield determination, results for hybrids with moisture contents over 30 per cent should be interpreted with much caution.

The Ontario Corn Committee does not publish a printed report. If producers are unable to access the trial results from the website, they may obtain a printed copy from the Grain Farmers of Ontario at 1-519-767-4138 or 1-800-265-0550. The results will also be printed in the upcoming 2019 Seed Ontario guide.


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