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Omega 9 demand is good news for Nexera growers

Increased demand for Omega 9 oil from the second-largest food manufacturer in the world is bringing heightened focus to Nexera - the only canola hybrid that produces the heart healthy oil.

The 2011 announcement from PepsiCo revealed plans for the company to switch to Omega 9 oil for its Frito Lay brand of potato chips across North America. It is a turning point in the Nexera story, and for Clearfield Nexera canola in particular.

"This will undoubtedly create a greater need for more Omega 9-producing acres to meet the demand, in addition to existing canola oil demand," says Harley House, Brand Manager for Clearfield Crops. "Clearfield Nexera hybrids unlock the yield potential through tremendous genetic performance and weed control from such new herbicide advancements as Ares for Clearfield canola. With Clearfield, Nexera has the potential to be liquid gold for growers.

"Not only is demand on the rise, so is profitability, with the highest guaranteed net returns in canola. It's this feature that has caught the attention of growers like Sam Hofer, a canola farmer from Alberta who has seen the benefits of growing Clearfield Nexera for the past several years.

"For my farm, the main benefits of using Clearfield Nexera are the variety and profitability it offers," says Hofer. "I'm impressed with the quality of Clearfield Nexera canola. It produces much better oil and we get a premium for it."

Hofer notes that the weed control of Clearfield is a key differentiator when choosing which Nexera hybrid to plant in order to maximize yield potential and profit margin. "I find that with Clearfield you get a great herbicide offering for weed control," he says. "We also had problems with sclerotinia a couple of years ago, so this past year we proactively sprayed with Lance fungicide. It kept our fields clear and increased our yield."

Growers interested in adding Clearfield Nexera acres are encouraged to visit to learn more about available hybrids and Omega 9 oil demand. Growers can find out about Clearfield Nexera contractors in their region, read information related to incentive programs, and view field data for various hybrids available for Omega 9-producing seed.

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January 30, 2012  By BASF Canada Inc.


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