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OMAFRA: Ontario crop conditions as of May 15

May 23, 2023  By Field Crop News

Field conditions across Ontario improved vastly between May 5 and May 15. With sunshine and temperatures in the high teens to even high twenties in some areas, planting is rolling across a majority of the province. Field work began early in the week of May 8 with lighter soil, but by later that week, work on heavier, clay soils was beginning.

Frost is expected this week in some regions of the province, so monitoring will be key. Corn is not likely a concern but soybeans will need to be checked after frost if emerged. Lighter soil types tend to be more prone to frost damage. Frost temperature on wheat -2 C at boot stage for longer than two hours (lower stem, leaf damage), but it is dependent on crop health, temperature, and length of frost. It’s likely just leaf tip injury but be sure to give a few days after frost to determine impact. |READ MORE



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