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OMAFRA: Keeping up with cutworms

June 18, 2024  By Field Crop News

According to OMAFRA field crop entomologist Tracey Baute, it’s safe to call 2024 a good pest year. Mild winters and warm springs tend to help pests overwinter well or expand their range further than usually and get ahead of crops when soil conditions delay planting.

Armyworm and cereal leaf beetle are continuing to show up in some wheat fields, while some grubs and slugs are causing issues in wet or slow-to-emerge corn and soybean fields. But the biggest issue over the last week has been cutworms – a variety of different types of cutworm are impacting crops from the far south to northern Ontario. Crops impacted so far include canola, corn, barley and soybeans. Knowing which species is present in the field can help to understand their life cycle, feeding habits, how long the larvae will be feeding and which crops are at risk. |READ MORE


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