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Nutrien launches combined sulphur-phosphate fertilizer

July 15, 2020  By Top Crop Manager

On Tuesday, Nutrien announced the launch of Smart Nutrition MAP+MST fertilizer. This product combines micronized sulphur with phosphate to give crops consistent nutrition all season long.

Micronized Sulphur Technology MST is a patented technology, where the elemental sulphur source has been micronized to an average particle size of 15 micron. The smaller particle size allows for quicker elemental sulphur oxidation.

“The small micron size of the elemental sulphur allows it to be transported and stored safely and then quickly oxidized in the soil, ready for the plant to consume,” says Chris Reynolds, Nutrien senior vice president, sales. “Products like this help farmers grow crops more efficiently to maximize their return on investment, while contributing to feeding our growing world.”

Historically, farmers have often overlooked sulphur in their nutrient management practices due to its natural availability from rainfall.

“Sulphur is an essential macronutrient needed for basic plant functions and growth,” says Cristie Preston, Nutrien senior agronomist. “As the amount of atmospheric sulphur deposited via rainfall steadily declines, additional sulphur should be added to the soil through fertilizer applications.”


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