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Nitrogen stabilizers approved for use

June 19, 2014 - Two nitrogen stabilizers, N-Serve and eNtrench from Dow AgroSciences, are now approved for use in canola, corn and wheat in Canada.

Nitrogen stabilizers work by slowing the activity of the Nitrosomonas bacteria – a temperature sensitive soil bacteria that converts ammonium to nitrites – for up to 10 weeks in warm soils (>10 C). By slowing this conversion, these nitrogen stabilizers reduce the risk of loss due to leaching and denitrification so nitrogen is in the root zone when the crop needs it.

N-Serve is designed for use with anhydrous ammonia and just like anhydrous, must be injected or immediately incorporated into the soil. eNtrench is designed for use with liquid fertilizers, including manure, and dry fertilizers such as urea. Both products can be applied with a fall or spring fertilizer application.


June 19, 2014  By Top Crop Manager


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