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FEATURED NEWS: Managing yield data
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Canola seed treatments can improve emergence, yield

A healthy, uniform canola plant stand is one of the keys to establishing high yield potential. Research supports the use of fungicide treatments, but also indicates that more than one species is involved in the seedling disease complex. >> Read full article

Save your seed money: tips from the CRA on filing your farm taxes

If you had a farm loss for the year, you may be able to deduct up to the full amount of your loss. A farm loss can be carried back from the current year to any of the previous three years or carried forward up to 20 years. >> Read full article

Saskatchewan Soils and Crops Conference

The University of Saskatchewan’s annual Soils and Crops Workshop is being held March 15 and 16. The two day event offers updates on current research being conducted in the areas of soils, crops and economics by researchers, faculty and graduate students from across Western Canada. >> Read full article

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Outperform traditional sulphur with TIGER XP

TIGER XP™ sets the industry standard for performance. With a unique composition of sulphur bentonite and a proprietary activator, TIGER XP provides accelerated sulphate availability to your crops. With added dust-suppressant coating for improved safety and handling, TIGER XP outperforms traditional sulphur products. >> Learn more at

 Featured News 
Managing yield data

Managing yield data

Harvest is the time of year when farmers reap the rewards from a season of hard work, worry and risk. They treasure the perfect harvests when the weather co-operated and yields surpassed expectations. The worst years serve as useful reminders of the challenges of farming. Precision agriculture can help, as it utilizes data and measurement techniques to enhance traditional decision-making. The data required depends on the questions you want answered. Yield data can consist of general information, such as historic average yields, or the average yield for a specific field. GPS coordinates can also define areas within a field where the combine collected yield data every second. Each type of data is valuable and can be useful to answer different questions. >> Learn More…

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The longer-lasting fungicide

EVITO® Fungicide is an advanced, highly systemic strobilurin that gets into the plant fast and delivers long-lasting and reliable disease protection.
EVITO is unique in that it protects the plant from disease infection through rapid update from the leaves, stems and roots. Superior leaf penetration and xylem mobility means EVITO is effectively distributed throughout the plant for effective disease control. And with residual soil activity, rain or irrigation will give EVITO a second boost for even longer-lasting disease protection. >> Learn more...

 Event Calendar 

Direct Farm Marketing Conference, Manitoba

March 11-12, 2016
Location: Canad Inns, Portage la Prairie, MB >> More Info

Saskatchewan Soils and Crops Conference

March 15-16, 2016
Location: Prairieland Park, Saskatoon >> More Info

Emerging Technologies for Global Food Security Conference

June 14-16, 2016
Location: Delta Bessborough, Saskatoon >> More Info