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June 4, 2015
FEATURED NEWS: Looking to nature to control late blight
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Survey shows weed management practices changing

A survey featured in the most recent issue of the journal Weed Technology shows that glyphosate-resistant weeds have begun to change the weed management practices used by growers. >> Read full article

Candidate experience still counts

Whether it’s keeping candidates guessing as to where they are in the application process or simply neglecting to acknowledge their applications, some employers are unwittingly leaving candidates with a bad impression – and it’s taking a toll on their businesses. >> Read full article

Help for the canola reseeding decision

When growers have canola stands of fewer than 4 plants per square foot — due to low seeding rates, poor seed survival, insects, crusting, frost, wind, etc. — they grapple with the question whether to reseed. The Canola Council of Canada offers some tips. >> Read full article

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  •  Featured News 
    Feature News

    Looking to nature to control late blight

    Imagine if the Irish Potato Famine could have been prevented simply by applying a naturally-occurring bacteria to the disease? This is what has Dr. Sue Boyetchko of the Saskatoon Research Centre and her team excited for the future. They have discovered several naturally-occurring bacterial strains that have great promise in controlling late blight on potato (currently under laboratory and greenhouse conditions). The top bacteria suppressed the disease by over 90 per cent. While it is still early on in the study and the bacteria is a long way from being prepared for commercial application, the team is excited about the potential this natural pathogen holds. >> Learn More…

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