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April 9, 2015
FEATURED NEWS: Controlling Group 2/9-resistant kochia
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Crop pest forecast for 2015

There were few serious insect outbreaks in Western Canada last year. So what’s the outlook for 2015? Read what provincial entomologists have to say. >> Read full article

INTEGO™ Solo seed treatment receives emergency registration for field peas

Prairie field pea growers can now tackle the most devastating new root rot in Canada, with the recent emergency use registration of INTEGO Solo seed treatment for suppression of Aphanomyces euteiches. >> Read full article

A simple change to attract talent

A minor change to how your organization’s next job ad is written could be the key to increasing the size and quality of your applicant pool. >> Read full article

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 Featured News 
Feature News

Controlling Group 2/9-resistant kochia

Whether you have it or not, you better get used to dealing with kochia resistant to both Group 2 and Group 9 herbicides. Researchers assume all kochia on the Prairies is now resistant to Group 2 herbicides, and the incidence of Group 9 kochia resistance is only going to grow in time and space. This doesn’t come as a surprise to Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada researchers Bob Blackshaw and Hugh Beckie, who have been following the development of glyphosate-resistant kochia over the last several years. >> Learn More…

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Enforcer®: All-in-one control of cleavers, kochia and wild buckwheat in cereals

Provincial weed surveys repeatedly identify cleavers, kochia and wild buckwheat as the triple threat of weed concerns for cereal growers. Fight back with Enforcer.

Enforcer delivers effective, post-emergent control of your toughest, well-established broadleaf weeds in one convenient application. With a wide window of application, Enforcer works with three active ingredients and is available in two formulations – Enforcer M and Enforcer D.

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Managing manure: A balancing act

If good manure management practices are followed, animal waste can be utilized as a valuable nutrient resource rather than treated as a waste that becomes an environmental concern. >> Read full article

New verticillium wilt committee formed

A new verticillium wilt committee has been formed to examine the disease risk in Western Canada and to come up with recommendations for management. >> Read full article

Changes to cash advance program for 2015

Starting April 1, producers can now request advances for all their commodities through one application with a single administrator, significantly reducing their paper burden. >> Read full article

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Farm Progress Show

June 17-19, 2015
Location: Regina, SK >> More Info

14th International Rapeseed Congress

July 5-9, 2015
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June 21-23, 2015
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