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February 26, 2015
FEATURED NEWS: Addressing carbon emission concerns
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New pea, lentil and chickpea varieties

Plant breeders continue to bring improved varieties to market along with expanded marketing opportunties. >> Read full article

Stress hurting worker productivity

One in four Canadian workers have become ill in the last six months due to workplace stress. >> Read full article

Varietal improvement, high prices encourage lentil production

Varietal improvements and high market price are two good reasons to grow lentils this coming year. According to Neil Whatley, crop specialist with Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development, there has been remarkable improvement in lentil genetics in recent years, contributing to an increase in grower satisfaction. >> Read full article

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Put a stop to N loss

N loss is costly. Not only do you lose your nitrogen investment, but your crop is robbed of essential nutrients. ESN Smart Nitrogen controlled-release technology can help. It has a unique polymer coating that protects your nitrogen from loss mechanisms like volatilization, denitrification, and leaching. Which means you get the most out of your investment — and your crop gets all the nutrients it needs to reach full yield and quality potential. Learn more about how ESN works here.

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 Featured News 
Feature News

Addressing carbon emission concerns

Wheat is the most favoured food source for human beings on the planet, but its production has gained a negative reputation for releasing greenhouse gases. Now, a 25-year long field experiment in Saskatchewan proves that growing wheat using a suite of improved farming practices can actually result in more carbon being sequestered than released. >> Learn More…

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Do You Need To Apply Zinc To Your Crop?

Though needed in small quantities, zinc is an important nutrient for your crop - especially early in the season and as the plant establishes its root system. Cool soils limit nutrient mobility and availability, so choose a zinc source like Wolf Trax® Zinc DDP®. Zinc DDP is designed for better plant availability and quicker uptake, compared to traditional, sparsely-distributed granular zinc.

Formulated with unique EvenCoat™ Technology, Zinc DDP coats dry fertilizer (N, P and K) thoroughly and evenly. Coating dry fertilizer results in blanket-like distribution of Zinc DDP across your field, close proximity to plant roots and early plant uptake
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SK Soils & Crops Agronomy Updates

March 16-17, 2015
Location: Saskatoon, SK >> More Info

Farm Progress Show

June 17-19, 2015
Location: Regina, SK >> More Info

14th International Rapeseed Congress

July 5-9, 2015
Location:Saskatoon, SK >> More Info