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More from Top Crop Manager | Seed/Chemical | Machinery July 3, 2014
Aerial spraying weeds in canola crops
Aerial spraying may be your only option in canola crops if weeds and the crop are advancing toward the end of the application window and the ground is too soft and wet to support a sprayer.
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Alberta's insect pests not affected by rains
The recent rains in southern Alberta appear to have had little or no effect on insect populations. The provincial insect management specialist says he’s had reports of high levels of cabbage seed pod weevil in early flowering canola in some of those areas that had high rainfall.
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Evaluating soil water sensors
Irrigation scheduling for water management is important for avoiding crop stress, improving crop quality and increasing crop yields. Various soil water sensors have been tested over the past few years.
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U.S. corn craze over
U.S. farmers planted the largest soybean crop ever this year, indicated they have returned to their corn-soybean crop rotation to replenish nitrogen in the soil and take advantage of the increased profitability of soybeans.
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Cattle and grain farmers named Sask 2014 Outstanding Young Farmers
Aaron and Adrienne Ivey of Ituna, Sask. are the 2014 Outstanding Young Farmers (OYF) for Saskatchewan.
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Principal field crop areas, June 2014
As of June 10, farmers had either planted, or intended to plant, fewer acres of wheat compared with 2013, but larger areas of canola, soybeans and dry field peas. Based on the reports of farmers, soybean area in 2014 could reach a record high for the sixth consecutive year.
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