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More from Top Crop Manager | Seed/Chemical | Machinery May 15, 2014
New Southern Conservation Land Management Strategy in Saskatchewan
Saskatchewan’s new Southern Conservation Land Management Strategy will offer agricultural lessees the opportunity to purchase eligible parcels of Crown land previously designated under the Wildlife Habitat Protection Act (WHPA).
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Alberta's cool weather delays insect development
While cool conditions in Alberta are delaying development of insect pests, provincial insect management specialist Scott Meers says the weather is unlikely to affect overall insect populations.
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Authority Charge FMC
With the rush of seeding, don’t forget to apply Authority®

Authority® and Authority Charge provide long-lasting residual control of flushing broadleaves like kochia, pigweed, lambsquarters, wild buckwheat, cleavers* and others. This is important for peas, flax, chickpeas and sunflowers with limited herbicide options.

Below are some tips to ensure you don't miss out on lasting weed control:

  • Plan ahead for application before or right after planting to avoid getting caught with an emerged crop.
  • Authority can be applied alone or with glyphosate.

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*Submitted to PMRA for registration. Always read and follow label directions. Authority is a trademark of FMC Corporation.

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Manitoba crop report: May 12
Despite continuing cool and wet conditions across Manitoba, some limited seeding tillage operations and fertilizer applications took place. For other areas, warm and dry weather is needed in order for field work and seeding operations to start.
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Saskatchewan releases first crop report of 2014
Despite a cool and wet start to spring, seeding has begun in some parts of Saskatchewan, according to Saskatchewan Agriculture’s weekly crop report.
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Label expanded to manage blackleg in canola
The Canola Council of Canada warns that a blackleg infection before the six-leaf stage is often associated with serious yield loss. Foliar fungicide Quilt, from Syngenta Canada Inc., has an expanded label, offering canola growers the option to control blackleg infections.
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Managed introduction of Enlist corn in Canada announced
Dow AgroSciences is conducting a managed introduction of Enlist corn in Canada in 2014. The introduction will take place under the company’s Canada Field Forward program.
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